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Fleas can be a menacing problem to deal with for two reasons. Firstly due to their small size, itís really difficult to detect a flea infestation in its early stages. Fleas are also highly mobile and they can easily jump out of your petís body to populate different areas in your home. The only way to control a flea infestation is to create an environment thatís uninhabitable for these tiny creatures.
Fleabusters is a great product thatís highly effective in killing adult fleas, larvae, and eggs. The product uses borate powder, which goes deep within your carpet fibers to eliminate the flea population dwelling within. Borate powder is less toxic than boric acid and itís much more effective in terms of area coverage per gram. The powder crystals are statically charged and thus they attach themselves to the carpet fibers. This means the powder stays on for longer, providing long lasting protection against fleas. A single Fleabusters unit can be applied effectively in a 900 sq ft space. The powder is completely odorless and itís specially formulated to be non-staining.

Read the precautionary statement to keep your family and pet safe. Fleabusters is a home treatment product and thus should not be applied to pets or other animals. Read the full usage directions on the label before applying the product.

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