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More than a few pet parents make the mistake of only treating their pets when they encounter a flea infestation. While applying anti-flea shampoos and sprays can help in getting rid of the fleas present in your petís fur, it does little to control the population thatís dwelling in your home. This means even if your pet is temporarily free from fleas, there is a high probability that it would again get fleas from its surrounding environment. This is exactly why veteran pet parents rely on quality home treatment products to keep their carpets and upholsteries free from fleas.
FleaGo is a great product that can be directly sprinkled on carpets and upholstery to kill the resident fleas. The product uses boric acid, a proven ingredient that works amazingly well in eradicating adult fleas, larvae, and eggs. The product comes in a container with perforated cap for easy application. The great thing about FleaGo is that it not only kills the fleas present in your carpet but it also acts as a great preventive. When you are facing a serious flea infestation, take no chances and order the FleaGo today.

Read the precautionary statement and directions of use on the label of the product before application. This is a product thatís specifically manufactured to kill fleas in carpets and thus should not be used on pets or other animals.

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FleaGo Magic Crystal (2 lb)
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