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Preparing Your Dog For Flu Season

EntirelyPets has prepared a helpful product guide below to
avoid and treat the flu virus in your dog.

1Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements or vitamins for your dog are an excellent way to keep them healthy and strong. The right kind of supplements can make all the difference in warding off the dog flu. EntirelyPets carries a wide variety of dog supplements at low prices. Discover which one is right for your dog.

Best Nutritional Supplements

2 Immunity Support

Your dog will benefit from daily supplements that help support their immune system. A daily regime of Vitamin C and antioxidants will help avoid the cold and flu. If you end up with a sick dog then their symptoms will be less severe as well. All immune support supplements are different, so browse EntirelyPets to see which ones can benefit your dog.

Best Immunity Support Supplements

3 Heated Pads

Humans dress warmly or add an extra blanket when the weather gets colder. Well, the same goes for your dog. Sometimes their fur alone is not enough to keep them warm. When your dog is warm and comfortable, they are more resistant to catching the cold and flu. Try a heating pad or heating blanket. Shop for heating pads at EntirelyPets that will help your dog get comfortable during the flu season.

Best Heating Pads

4 Disinfect

Disinfecting your dog's toys, dishes and anything else they may share or socialize with other dogs is a good idea when preventing the cold and flu. When you disinfect it kills viruses that can cause the dog flu. Make sure you read and follow proper instructions when disinfecting products for best results.

Best Cleaning Products

5Cough Remedies

There are specifically no over-the-counter medications for cold and flu for dogs. That is why prevention is the key. However, you can lessen the symptoms such as coughing with some of these remedies.

Best Cough Remedies
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