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Try to say Fluval BioMax three times fast and you might end up hurting your tongue. That said, the product is actually designed to provide a closeto-best bacterial growth environment for beneficial bacteria. It works as a very effective filtration system in fresh water environments, cleaning out bad contaminants as well as reducing nitrate and ammonia. Especially when working with very sensitive marine and freshwater tanks and containers, Fluval BioMax is the helpful hand in balancing out the water content quickly.

Fluval BioMax works with multiple marine filters, working with at least 13 difference sizes in production currently. Using a complex pore system, the product works extremely well at providing biological filtration. The rings provides have far more capacity that competitor brands, lasting longer and performing far better than other products on the market for the same purpose. For pet owners with aquariums and sensitive fish, the Fluval BioMax provides a critical tool to the owner's arsenal in maintaining a sensitive marine environment. This is critical because many breeds of fish can get sick very quickly and die off by too many contaminants in their water environment, particularly freshwater fish.

To recap, the Fluval BioMax benefits include:

• A unique and effective bacterial filtering product for freshwater marine environments. • An effective way to control and reduce ammonia and nitrate in a marine tank.

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