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Petsport Mini Firehose Flying Disk

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The Flying Disk, industrial strength, durable toy is made from the same material that firemen use. It has an inner squeaker to entice your playful pooch to chase, jump and fetch. It floats in the water for lake or swimming pool use. Get ready for the best game of fetch your dog has ever played!

Hand washable. Hang dry.

  • Small: 7"L x 6.5"W - great for small breeds
  • Customer Reviews

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    86% Recommend this product (12 of 14 responses)
    By Flo's d.
    Orland Park, IL
    Best Ever
    December 25, 2015
    So far, this us one of the est toys we've ever given our dogs. It seems very durable. But it's only been a matter of hours.
    By Lethie
    I would never throw this at/to/near my dog!
    September 12, 2014
    This sounded like a cool little toy. My doggie loves to fetch (and catch) a ball and is quite good at it. This Mini Firehose Flying Disk is stiff/hard and not designed to "fly" very far. If it hit a dog in the face - or anywhere else - I would think it would hurt.
    My dog is a small breed. Maybe it wld work better with a larger breed for retrieving in the water? It states on the label "Caution! This is not a chew toy." I can't imagine a dog attempting to play with it without attempting to chew it - why else wld it have a squeaker inside? My dog was never exposed to this; not sure I'd expose any dog to it.
    By BAK
    Petsport Mini Firehose Flying Disk
    August 23, 2014
    Small and easy for dog to catch. Very durable..first toy that has lasted more than a week with my heavy chewer
    By Cha-Cha
    Wichita, KS
    The chew toy that keeps giving!
    June 21, 2013
    Years ago I found this product for sale at my local pet supply store. All they offered at the time were the larger sized disk. Through the years I've bought them for my miniature dachshunds.
    It was crazy good fun to watch my little dogs play and chew on those large triangular disks. My friends and family with larger dogs often commented on, and lusted for, these toys when ever they saw one of my dogs go after them. I would always end up giving the toys to the admirers. My friends would ALWAYS report back to me, how much their doggies loved the disk. It brought me great pleasure to share this toy experience with my friends and their dogs. I would immediately go back to my favorite pet store and pick up a new Firehose Flying Disk for my pups, to replace the ones we had given away.
    THEN,one day..... they were no longer there. YIKES! I went to every pet supply joint in town trying to find them. I couldn't believe it, no one else in town carried them. I was crest fallen. But then of course I remembered the internet. I found your site which offered both the large AND the mini sized disks. I quickly ordered 3 of the minis, this way I could comfortably give one or two away without leaving us short. I now wish I had purchased and additional 2 or 3 of the larger disks as well.( I see this as my next online purchase.) My pup loves the mini, but it was funnier to watch him grip & chew the larger ones.
    I highly recommend this durable chew toy for any sized dog. Not only does my dog enjoy chewing on this toy, he enjoys chasing after it when I toss it on its edge. Due to the triangular shape, it jig jags as it rolls making it even more inciting for a dog to chase.
    You should probably buy more than one; your friends and their dogs will covet them so much, you will be compelled to gift it to them, OR, they may just sneak off with it when you and your dog are looking the other way.
    By joe-dog
    tampa bay, fl
    great, tough, fun
    May 28, 2013
    These are loved by both dogs. They do float well and are very rugged. Squeeky toys buried inside stay there and have not been a choking concern.

    These are tough and put up with a lot of hard play and tug of war.

    Bottom line - will be buying more!

    By valrydee
    I love this toy!
    December 26, 2012
    This toy is made out of such super tough material that even when the two pups play tug a war with it, no damage, just lots of fun
    By softball s.
    Salem, OR
    Best Purchase Ever
    December 26, 2012
    I have two Jack Russell Terriers and this flying disk is their favorite toy; Lulu takes hers to bed with her every night and if I hide it she can smell it and finds it! This is the best toy you can buy for the money; it is made out of firehose material and extremely hard to tear! They shred their other toys immediately but not this toy!!! My lifesaver!!
    By Carol C.
    Tucson, AZ.
    Mini-firehose Fling Disc
    August 20, 2012
    Best frisbee disk ever- and it floats in a pool. It is soft on dog mouths- floats through the air perfectly- however, my dogs have to be watched every minute, or they will chew it up-tough as the fabric is. I buy 4 a month- because I get distracted by a phone call, door bell, etc. When I return, they have waited until the disc floats to the side, nabbed it and chewed for the sqeakers. They will chase it until it is only a 2 inch square-and then they want to sleep with it. Favorite exercise toy.
    By nugget's m.
    West Palm Beach, FL
    4th repeat order. pleased with the product.
    August 18, 2012
    Made for the hearty chewers. The firehose disks
    are strong for the beating our little guy gives them.
    Strong enough for our many "tug of war" games.
    Certainly will re-order.
    By pfckcs
    Great toy!
    July 16, 2012
    The mini firehose flying disks are affordable, durable, and well liked by my gang. A good, solid toy. Great for teething puppies and adults that like to chew.
    By Clover
    San Diego, CA
    My dog LOVES this toy!
    December 10, 2011
    I bought a similar toy in a pet store. At first, my pug didn't want to play with it, but once she learned how to fetch, she was hooked. This thing is like crack to her! And when we take her to the dog park and start throwing it, ALL the dogs want to play with it, too. It got a little ratty, so I wanted to get another, but could not find it anywhere else except for on this site. I ordered three. She loves the new one just as much as the ratty one. The sqeakers don't work in them, but it doesn't matter - that was never the draw in the first place. People say they have never seen a pug this active - it is because of this toy that she loves to chase!
    By BC m.
    Love it!
    October 23, 2011
    I love these for water retrievals - they fly easily, so dogs get more swim time; they float; and they are small enough that they don't cause "drag" while the dogs are swimming! Smaller size is best for this purpose.
    By 3RingCircus
    Whidbey Island, WA
    Our Leos' Favorite Toys
    December 9, 2010
    Our two Leonbergers, Barnum and Bailey, love these flying disks. A local mega store sold out of these and never got any more in. This is a real find. Our two boys love these easy-to-pick-up toys. They play chase/catch me and race through the house after each other. That's two giant breed dogs racing through the house. They take them outside and play chase too. When they were younger the flying disks did not last as long as they do now.
    By archie
    February 1, 2010
    I bought this toy for my 6 month old Boston Terrier and it was wrecked within the week. This product is a piece of junk and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

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