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Flys Off Fly Repellent

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One of the many challenges when treating a wound or an infection is stopping flies from aggravating it further. Flies instinctively buzz around animals with wounds and infections. If allowed to land on the affected area flies may lay eggs which can lead to a severe problem. As a pet parent, you need to take proper steps to make sure that does not happen to your beloved pal. If your pet gets wounded or develops a skin infection then you need to apply suitable repellent products to keep the area protected from flies. This becomes an absolute necessity if you own a pet that sleeps outside.
Flys Off is a specially formulated ointment that’s very easy to apply and is suitable for dogs and horses. Specially formulated to be directly applied on the wound or sore, Fly Off will keep flies off that area. Flys Off uses powerful ingredients such as Pyrethrins and Piperonyl Butoxide to create a strong repellent effect. The repellent formula keeps the wound protected from all types of flies including house flies, horn flies, stable flies, and face flies. Give your pet the protection and comfort it deserves by ordering the Flys Off Fly Repellent today.

Read the directions of use carefully before application. We also suggest consulting a vet if your pet shows signs of sensitivity after application of Fly Offs ointment.

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