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Four Paws Flea Comb

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Your job as a loving pet parent is to launch a search and destroy mission against fleas. Fleas often cause itchy rashes on your pet's skin and they are also carriers of several dangerous diseases. Unlike ticks, fleas are slightly harder to detect. This is because fleas are highly mobile and very tiny. Excessive nibbling and scratching or shaking of the head can be indications that your pet is suffering from a flea problem. To be sure you need to use a proper flea comb to conduct a thorough search. Simply running the comb on your pet's coat will help you spot the tiny creatures and take necessary action. Flea combs are also ideal for pet parent who wish to remove the fleas manually without using any chemical-laden product. A quality flea comb such as the Four Paws Flea Comb allows you to remove adult fleas and eggs from your pet's body with much ease.
Four Paws Magic Coat Flea Comb is a well-designed tool that provides a non-toxic way of dealing with a flea infestation. The comb comes with rows of fine teeth that catches the tiny creatures and its eggs and thus helping you remove them from your pet’s coat. The comb is ideal for dogs of all fur length and type. Its ergonomic handle also allows a comfortable and firm grip. Go ahead and free your pet from the discomfort of fleas by ordering the Four Paws Flea Comb.

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