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Fresh Breath Dental Treats

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Tropiclean Fresh Breath Plus Dental Treats Advanced Cleaning System combines a careful selection of ingredients to create a treat that is healthy and palatable.

 Maintaining healthy teeth in your dogs can be next to impossible. With Fresh Breath Plus Dental Treats, keeping your dog's teeth clean has never been easier. The Advanced Cleaning System formula contains a variety of ingredients designed to keep your dog's breath fresh and his teeth and gums clear of bacteria, tartar and plaque.

The Fresh Breath Plus Dental Treats Advanced Cleaning System utilizes whole flaxseed to create a texture that simulates brushing while your dog chews. Baking soda and parsley act to freshen your dog's breath while Jinsei Green Tea Extract provides valued supplements necessary to promote dental health.

Fresh Breath Dental Treats come in Small or Regular sizes. Regular size is intended for dogs larger than 25 pounds and comes with 10 treats. For smaller dogs, check out the Small size which comes with 20 treats. Pick up Tropiclean Fresh Breath Plus Dental Treats Advanced Cleaning System for your dog to ensure that his teeth and gums stay healthy for years to come.

Key Features:
  • Cleans teeth and gums as your dog chewsFreshens breath
  • Contains Jensei Green Tea Extract to promote dental health
  • Comes in either Small size with 20 treats for dogs 15-25 lbs or Regular size with 10 for dogs above 25 lbs
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