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FroliCat Flik Interactive Cat Toy

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FroliCat FLIK™ is an automated cat toy that entices and delights your cat with a retractable string that it moves and extends periodically.

 FLIK has a variety of settings to customize your cat's experience but can also be used with default settings to make setting it up as easy as flicking a switch. The aesthetically pleasing rounded cylinder is designed to fit into any household. FLIK also has an adjustable timer for pet owners that need to keep their cat entertained for extended periods of time.

FLIK's compact design allows it to fit anywhere in your household where your cat can play. Frolicat FLIK™ is just one of several toys offered by Frolicat for your cat's entertainment. To check out other toys from Frolicat, be sure to check out the Frolicat DART™ and the Frolicat BOLT™. Frolicat products are will provide hours of fun and your cats will love them, so order FroliCat toys for your cat today!

Key Features:
  • Runs on three AA batteries and has on/off switch to preserve battery life
  • Extremely durable product
  • Automatically extends and retracts string for your convenience and your cat's enjoyment
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