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Frontline Oral Defense Daily Oral Health Chews for Dogs

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Frontline’s Oral Defense Daily Oral Health Chews! These chews help scrub your sidekick’s teeth and gumline as he munches, supporting his overall dental health. The heart-shaped center acts like a tasty toothpaste for an added boost of fur-eshness and whole-mouth clean. Now you can enjoy all the doggie kisses your BFF has without the bad breath! These daily chews are specifically crafted for extra-small dogs between 5 - 10 pounds.

  • Prevents plaque build-up by cleaning and coating your paw-tner’s teeth.
  • Chewy texture helps scrub plaque off of teeth all the way to the gumline.
  • Heart-shaped center works like toothpaste and coats your pup’s mouth for a thorough clean.
  • Leaves lasting clean breath after just a few days of daily chews.
  • Helps reduce plaque in as little as 1-5 minutes per day.


Chewy texture acts like a toothbrush to scrub plaque off teeth all the way to the gumline, where dangerous plaque build-up likes to hide.


As your dog chews, the delectable heart-shaped center melts and covers the entire mouth. They’ll get noticeably cleaner breath that comes from a whole-mouth kind of clean.


Help chew the plaque away in as little as 1 to 5 minutes a day. After a few days of daily chews, you should notice clean breath that keeps going all day between chews.

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