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Gibi Pet Location GPS

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The Gibi Pet Location GPS Service Unit is an incredibly accurate, lightweight tracking device that helps you keep tabs on your dog in any situation. This amazing device securely attached to your pup's collar to track your dog's location live and report it to your smartphone or computer instantly. This amazing device is IP-67 waterproof, to ensure it works in any environment and is can be programmed for added functionality.

The Gibi Pet Location GPS Service Unit can be used with the Gibi app or website to set up safe zones for your dog in your yard, park, or neighborhood- alerting you when your dog exits these designated areas. If your pooch leaves any of these areas, a press of a button reveals her location to ensure your can track her movements and find her post-haste. Don't ever worry about your dog again- get the Gibi for your pup today!

Key Features:
  • View your pet's location in real-time on any computer, tablet, or mobile device
  • Attaches easily and securely to any collar, with a sleek surface to reduce the chance of it becoming snagged or otherwise bumped off the collar
  • Accompanying software can create safe zones to alert you if your pet leaves areas you've designated as safe
  • Batteries are designed to last 4-5 days on a single charge
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