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Grriggles Snowball Gang - Santa

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Grriggles Snowball Gang Santa is a fun all-around plush toy for any dog or puppy. The wonderful construction of this plush toy makes it a durable and safe way for a dog of any breed, size or age to enjoy chewing. Dogs need to chew in order to release energy and clean their teeth, as well as to simply have fun. Puppies need to chew as their new teeth come in to alleviate any discomfort that they are experiencing. Not only is this plush toy an ideal chew toy, it's also round which means it can easily be used for a fun and exhausting game of fetch. Since it isn't hard, it's also very easy on a dog's mouth. This round plush toy is also ideal for indoor use because it won't break anything!

The Grriggles Snowball Gang Santa is a festive way to celebrate the holidays, and a great stocking stuffer for your pet. The toy contains a durable squeaker that will attract and excite your puppy, and there are other styles of this toy in the event that you wish to collect the full set.

The benefits of Grriggles Snowball Gang - Santa include:
  • This durable plush toy is completely safe to throw around the house.
  • The squeaker within this toy will hold your dog's attention and keep them playing.
  • Plush toys are excellent ways for dogs to exercise their need to chew.
  • The fun Santa design of this toy makes it an ideal way to involve your pets in the holidays.
  • Useful Information

    Remove if worn or broken.

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