Habitrail Ovo Dwarf Hamster Habitat

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The Habitrail is a habitat that replicates your dwarf hamster's natural environment.

It is easy to clean, escape proof, modular, and contains easy pet access. Featuring the OVO lock connector, with outer elastomer surface, your pet will be safe and secure in their new home.

This hamster home includes a cozy to den to explore or snooze in, air vents that provide air circulation while preventing drafts, an amazingly quiet Run-A-Round wheel, and a safe portable carrier to take your pet on short trips. Attach the segments anyway you choose and watch your hamster burrow!

  • Segmented Hamster Habitat
  • Includes: Cage, den, transport unit, cozy hideaway, food dish, water bottle, exercise wheel, 2 mini elbows, 4 mini tees, 2 mini straight tubes, 3 windows, 12 lock connectors
  • Also for mice
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