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Hartz First Defense

Hartz First Defense is an effective flea and tick treatment that contains the popular ingredient, fipronil. If you’ve been treating your pet from fleas for a while, you’re more than likely familiar with fipronil. For those of you who aren’t familiar, fipronil is a broad-spectrum insecticide. Aside from pet care products, this substance is also used in agriculture to keep crops healthy and pest-free. Fipronil works to kill pesky insects by attacking their central nervous system. Often prior to their death, the pests experience convulsion and/or paralysis, which will stop them from feeding on your precious animal companion any further. This is perfect for treating current infestations as well as preventing future ones.

Because fipronil is typically paired with an oil carrier, once applied to the skin, Hartz First Defense will spread across your pet’s body to eliminate every flea and tick in every nick and corner no matter how hidden they may think they are. Due to the properties of the oil carrier, the medication is waterproof once dried. Don’t worry about having to skip bath time or being forced to exclude your pet from the outdoor fun when the family goes out for a swim. Each dose of Hartz First Defense will provide you and your furry friends up to 1 month of protection!

While reading about the insects’ experiences with fipronil may be frightening, it is actually safe for mammals, including you and your pet. This is because the toxin is more likely to bind to the nerve endings of insects rather than mammals, making it safe to use on your furry friend—just be sure to follow all label instructions to avoid potential deadly overdosing and exposure. Even if it becomes absorbed into the body, animals typically break down a vast majority of the substance and the body removes it through the feces and urine.

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