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Hartz Home Protection Dog Pads (50 count)

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Hartz Home Protection won't spread or leak. These pads have Flash-Dry Technology which instantly turns urine into gel.

Key Benefits
  • These pads have Flash-Dry Technology which instantly turns urine into gel.
  • Ideal for dogs home alone
  • Works for ailing, incontinent or senior dogs
  • Can be used for lining crates and Carriers, and great for use in the car too
  • Dries wet paws and fur, wont spread or leak

  • Hartz® Dogs PAds can be used daily for:
  • Dogs home alone
  • Ailing, incontinent or senior dogs
  • Lining crates and carriers
  • Drying wet, muddy paws and fur
  • Protecting car seats
  • Useful Information

  • Unfold and place the pad, plastic side down, in a confined area, away from your dog's bed and food
  • Place your dog on the pad several times so he can smell the pad and get used to it.
  • While your dog is eliminating on the pad, use a phrase like "go potty" so that eventually you can use the command and your dog will understand what it means.
  • Immediately after the dog eliminates on the pad, reward him with praise and a treat.
  • If your dog has accident, bring him back to the pad immediately. Continue bringing your dog back to the pad to reinforce that this is the palce to go potty.
  • Dispose of soiled pads and replace as needed. to complete house training, gradually move the pad closer to the door and finally outside.

  • How Long does it take to housebreak a puppy? Typically, a puppy can only hold its waste for an hour for each month of age (i.e. a 3 month old puppy has to relieve itseld every 3 hours). Training takes consistency and patience. Whether you are crate training, paper training, or both, puppies may not be fully housebroken until they are 8-12 months of age.

    What are the main uses for Hartz training pads? Hartz training pads can be used to protect your home from soiling, to housebreak your puppy, to provide a comfortable environment for your dog to relive itself when you are away from home, as area for indoor dogs to relieve themselves and as a convenient place for your pet to relieve itself when he refuses to go outside.

    How do I use training pads for housebreaking? Place the pad colored plastic side down. Let the dog or puppy smell the pad and aget used to it. Hartz® Maximum Protection pads have been treated with a special grass scent to attract your puppy to the pad. If your pet relieves itseld somewhere else, bring it back to the pad immediately. Continue bringing your dog or puppy back to the pad and reward him with treats and praise when he uses the pad to reinforce that this is the place to soil. Once your pet has learned to relieve itseld on the pad, bring the pads gradually closer to the door and finally outdoors to complete the housebreaking process.

    My dog has eaten the puppy pad-what now? A small amount in a larger puppy most likely won't cause serious issues but a smaller puppy ingesting some could cause problems. If you note any vomiting or abnormal behavior, consult your veterinarian.

    What do I do if my dog or puppy has an accident in the house? It is important not to become angry or frustrated as this may confuse the dog or cause it to secretly soul areas when you are not around. Continue with consistent training and thoroughly clean soiled surfaces with a strong product designed to remove tough stains and odors rather than cover them up.

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