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Hartz Just for Cats Bizzy Balls Cat Toy (3 pack)

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Hartz Just for Cats Bizzy Balls Cat Toy is a fun toy that offers a stimulating good time for your feline friend.

 Bizzy Balls are fun, light-weight balls with jungle bells inside them that produce a soft ringing sound when moved. This jingling noise keeps cats interested and delighted with these fun toys that are perfect for cats. The balls are made of a lightweight plastic and come in a variety of color patterns with shapes etched into their surface.

Just for Cats Bizzy Balls are perfect for letting your cat practice his natural instincts in order to help him explore the world around him and be more comfortable in his fur. This package of Bizzy Balls comes with six Bizzy Balls in assorted colors and with varying patterns and styles. For similar toys from Hartz Just for Cats, check out Midnight Crazies. Your cat will love these exciting toys so order them today!

Key Features
  • Come with jingle bell to make noise while cat plays
  • Assorted colors and patterns etched in each ball
  • Package comes with 6 Bizzy Balls
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