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Hi-Vite Drops (1 oz.)

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Hi-Vite Drops are a liquid vitamin supplement for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. They can be easily given with food, milk, or directly in the mouth. Hi-Vite Drops can be given to supplement pets with vitamin deficiencies or as an addition to daily nutrition.

Humans arenít the only creatures that can benefit from vitamin supplements. Everybody knows regular processed food doesnít include everything a person needs for a good diet, and both cat and dog foods are in the same boat. However, with a vitamin supplement like Hi-Vite Drops, cat and dog owners can make sure their furry loved one has everything it needs for a proper, complete diet. Hi-Vite Drops can be served to adult dogs and cats as well as kittens and puppies. The dosage simply needs to be reduced for the size and age of the animal.

Hi-Vite Drops provide a complement of Vitamin A, D, and E, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Iron, and other essential minerals and dietary needs. With a daily dosage your cat or dogís diet will be complete, regardless of whatís included in his/her main meal of dry or wet pet food.


Water, sugar, sorbitol, polysorbate 80, liver extract, gelatin by-products, ferric ammonium citrate (source of iron), niacin, vitamin A and D3 supplement, d-panthenol, thiamine HCI, (Vit. B1), citric acid (preservative), alpha tocopheryl acetate (Vit. E), saccharin sodium, pyridoxine HCI (Vit. B6), sodium benzoate and methylparaben (preservatives), riboflavin 5' phosphate sodium (source of Vit. B2), copper sulfate, BHA (preservative), menadione sodium bisulfite (source of Vit. K), cyanocobalamin (Vit. B12).

Useful Information

To properly supplement diet: give dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens 1/2 dropperful twice daily. This mixture is water dispersible and may be given by dropping directly on the tongue or mixed with food or milk. (1 dropperful=1 ml)

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
54 Reviews
83% (45)
9% (5)
2% (1)
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6% (3)
80% Recommend this product (43 of 54 responses)
By swtemolyn
Brooklyn Ny
got my cat back to normal
May 9, 2017
my year old Briscoe is a grey tornado, after noticing him very quiet and still for a few days he immediately went to the vet , all testing was good so she suggested these drops.. omg with in a few days he was back to his crazy self.. I mix them in his food and he even seems to eat more being a very picky eater this is a plus.. I highly recommend asking your vet about them if needed
By Dick C.
Keeps my cat going
February 9, 2017
Recommended by my Vet. A few years ago, our cat was sick and wasting away. Our Vet recommended Hi Vite drops, twice a day, along with some other medications, and kitty is now 17 years old and doing well.
By DiDi
Great for Senior Cats
November 5, 2016
Hi Vite Vitamins have given my senior cat more pep.
The sale price was great.
By Yvette
Hi Vite Drops
September 27, 2015
I have a rescued pot belly pig that has health problems unless she takes her Hi-Vites everyday. I started her on it when she was diagnosed with anemia and the Vet suggested the Hi-Vite drops. I stopped them once to see how she would do without them but she became ill so I never stopped giving to her again and she is 13 years old now and healthy
By Donn951
Hometown IL
This is a must
July 15, 2015
I obtained a kitten that was found hungry and later I found out she was really sick. Her vet prescribed the Hi-Vites to build up her blood as she was very anemic and they have done the trick. She will be on these for the rest of her life and she will get them. I will not let her be without them.
By october13
Hi-Vite drops
May 31, 2015
My cat refused to take the drops on her own. I tried to use the dropper but ended up with the liquid vitamin splattered over her and my kitchen counter. Being mainly white in color, it took some doing to remove the dark, sticky liquid from her coat. Tried giving to my other cat, to see if he would take it and he would not even taste it. I would not recommend this product since the taste is not agreeable to felines. I'm giving it one star since we do not know if it works as a supplement.
By PetsRForever
Highly Recommend
January 19, 2015
The best for animals who cannot have fat in their diet. Along with Geneflora, he has the energy of a pup. Although he has not gained weight, at least I feel good knowing he is getting the vitamins lacking due to his feeding restrictions. Our vet thought of it and I use it a few times a week without food so his body absorbs it. Tried it in his food but bad reaction to it that way.
By DoubleDoxie
Hi-Vite Drops (1 oz.)
September 22, 2014
Just like humans, animals need vitamins too. Using Hi-Vite Drops will help my pets to live a longer healthier life with vitamin supplements such as A, D, and E, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Iron. My dogs are happy and have beautiful coats.
By Margaret
Keeps my Maggie May healthy
August 4, 2014
My Basset hound Maggie May had a reaction to her seizure meds and so my vet put her on this product to help boost her blood and help her anemia. it did a great job and so i have continued to keep her on it. she is a happy strong girl.
By Richard97
Vet Recommended
May 24, 2014
Effective, readily accepted on food. Good price and service at EntirelyPets.
By cat l.
manchester, ct
cat didn't like it
April 25, 2014
I have a very picky kitty so it's hard to go by my review, she doesn't seem to like the taste at all as she freaks out when I put the drops into her mouth. however, with my boyfriend's help we both hold her and we manage to get it into her mouth. so as far as my cat liking it, not so much, but I felt i really needed to write a review for the not so picky kitty owners because it really is making a big difference with her health. her coat is nicer and she has more energy. I'm seeing a huge improvement, however, I will not be repurchasing this only because I have to find an easier way to giving her vitamins but it's good stuff it does help with their well being!
By Doggie F.
April 8, 2014
Unfortunately, there's BHA in this product. No matter how much I want to like the product, I will not allow BHA in my pets' diet.
By Smoky
Hi vite
March 15, 2014
This stuff is much cheaper then the vet, my puppy love this stuff. For now on I will be purchasing my pet items from here.
By Smitty
Granger, Indiana
Dog loves her "memacine"
January 14, 2014
She can be any place in the house or even outside. All I have to say is COME GET YOUR MEMACINE and she comes to the kitchen to get it.
By cat l.
Amarillo, Texas
simple is the word to describe
December 31, 2013
My two cats are very individual with one eating a vitamin tablet and the other one acting like it was poison. The liquid Hi-Vite was perfect for the picky cat. She takes it without a major production! Both cats are FIP positive so maintaining their health is imperative. Keeping the "good health" scales balanced is VIP. They may be corona virus positive but are currently healthy, happy cats with no signs of virus conversion or other outward signs of illness.
By Chichina134
Sgt. Fancy Pants gives 2 paws up!
October 11, 2013
I give my cat 1/2 dropper full twice a day with her food. She loves it! Her coat is very shiny and very soft. She looks extremely healthy and I believe the hi-vite drops play a big role in that. Not only that, but this website sells it 3 times less than my vet does! I buy three bottles for the price of one! It's a win win!
By lw
Hi Vite Drops
September 10, 2013
This product is helping my cat with leukemia have better quality of life.
By Dave c.
Virginia, USA, Earth, Milky Way
Good product, fair price
July 17, 2013
My vet recommended Hi-Vite for one of my cats. I bought my first bottle from the vet, but Entirely Pets has a much lower price. One caution: the bottle is pretty full (which is good), so you need to dispense some before there's room to insert the dropper completely; otherwise, it'll spill over. That extra is a day's dosage or more.
By Jabie
Good vitamin
July 6, 2013
Great for skin and hair coat! Also a good vitamin for an ill cat/kitten or one who isn't eating well. Always check with your vet first!
By Dan
easy administration
June 24, 2013
My 18 yr old cat requires a liver vitamin supplement and she takes this in her food daily with no problem.
By Norma
May 4, 2013
my dogs just love them-and i can tell the
difference in them when i run out.
By Valia
Chicagoland area
Not so sure about this stuff - smells bad
May 1, 2013
Only 2 out our 5 cats will eat their wet if this stuff is in it. It does smell bad. A shame.
I will continue to grind up vitamin pills that they don't mind.
By anne
Review for Hi-Vite Drops (1 oz.)
April 18, 2013
my dogs actually don't turn their nose up at this vitamin supplement
By Marizee
My dog leaps for this
April 17, 2013
My neighbor was taking care of my dog for a few days. I told her to be prepared for her to jump for her vitamins. When I arrived home my neighbor said you mean, "She literally flies for it"
By southaustinative
Austin, TX
Review for Hi-Vite Drops (1 oz.)
March 18, 2013
Excellent product. I was recently told that my senior cat is anemic, and this vitamin, high iron supplement has made him feel much better.
By Lynn
Ventura, CA
Hi-Vite Drops - worth the money
March 5, 2013
Definitely improved the skin, coat, eyes, and joint mobility of my Dachshund and Maltese. The dosing is easy with the liquid dropper. Just don't put it in the refrigerator, it makes the viscosity too thick. I mix it with the dog's food and they never even noticed it was added. I will keep using Hi-Vite drops, they made a noticeable improvement in my dogs' health.
By Annette
Amesbury, MA
Maximize Your Pets Health
February 11, 2013
This is an amazing vitamin. Our 15 year old cat lost half her body weight before it was discovered she had a thyroid problem. The thyroid meds stabilized her but she still needed to put on weight. Finding the right soft food she liked helped but the Hi-Vite drops are what truly made the difference. Thank you, Hi-Vite!
By Jim
Raleigh, NC
Great vitamins
January 26, 2013
The cat loves them. Just a drop on her evening meal.
By Gravecat
Wonderful Multi-vitamin for my 7 kitties!
January 8, 2013
Really happy I found this! I'm an avid vitamin and probiotic supplement taker and believe in the power of them very much. When I saw 2 of my kittie's fur looking, "bleh", I thought to myself, "Why of course! Kitties and doggies need vitamins, too! Why didn't I think of that sooner for them?"

I take a marvelous liquid supplement called Miracle 2000 and it has worked wonders for me. I didn't want to "force" pills on my kitties every day so I was on the search for a liquid supplement.

When I came to this site and read the many positive reviews for Hi-Vite Drops, I immediately ordered 2 bottles. Within days, Lily's fur was back to it's thick, beautiful sheen as was her daughter, Gigi's fur.

Simba, well, he has a thyroid condition that he takes medication for but because of that he has gotten way too thin. I like adding Hi-Vite to his food to help him get all the nutrition he desperately needs right now.

It always amazes me how you can tell how your pet is feeling by their fur and eyes. Fur is a real indicator. Lackluster, dry, thin/sparse. Something is wrong.

Like humans, we don't get all we need from our foods. All of us, our pet pals included, need to supplement.

Hi-Vite Drops is a marvelous product for either your doggie or kitty. Just add the drops to moist food, mix in and you are done.

When me and another family member smelled it, we remarked how it smelled just like beef bouillon! I felt better about that thinking that they won't be turned off by it...and they aren't! They eat their moist food with it mixed in just fine.

Better than the quality of this product and how very good it is for your beloved pets, the price will not "break your bank". It is VERY affordable! I have 5 indoor kittie-kids that I give it too, as well as the 2 strays that come by for food. I can't get those 2 to come in, despite my many attempts and endless syrupy-sweet words of cajoling. Until they decide to become parts of our family, I will give them Hi-Vite in their food to help weather the tough outdoors.

Try it. You won't be sorry!
By Kitty K.
Review for Hi-Vite Drops (1 oz.)
December 7, 2012
Easy to add to canned cat food,good supplement for older cats

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