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Iceland Pure Unscented Sardine & Anchovy Fish Oil (33 oz)

Item: IP7101
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Iceland Pure Unscented Sardine & Anchovy Fish Fish oil supplements offer many well-documented health benefits to people and their pets, and the list keeps growing. Iceland Pure Sardine-Anchovy oil provides a potent, highly digestible source of essential fatty acids (EFAs) and is loaded with the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, the EFAs most strongly linked to the health benefits of fish oil.


Ingredients: 60% Icelandic Sardine, 40% Anchovy Oil, Natural Vitamin E

Feeding Directions for Daily Use: 1 teaspoon per 20 pounds of body weight once per day. Please Note: 1 pump = 1/2 teaspoon

Best administered by mixing with your pet's food. Refrigerate after opening. For animal use only. This product is intended for supplemental use as part of your pet’s regular diet.

Guaranteed Analysis Per Teaspoon: Total Fat - 4.7 g Saturated Fat -0.14 g DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) (min) - 498 mg EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) (min) - 727 mg Omega -3 Fatty Acids (max.) - 1,296 mg Omega-6 Fatty Acids (max) - 58 mg Vitamin E - 1,050 ppm Crude Fat - 99.9% Crude Protein - 0% Moisture - 0.0%

Customer Reviews

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By BarMarGSD
Review for Iceland Pure Unscented Sardine & Anchovy Fish Oil (33 oz)
March 17, 2019
I have purchased Iceland Pure Sardine & Anchovy Fish Oil and their Salmon Oil. I have used several oils over the years and find Iceland Pure Oils to be some of the best.
By Terryannj
Small rural town in Ohio
Recommend product
June 5, 2017
I've been using this oil for 2 yrs now. My pet has had NO adverse reactions. There is no "fishy" smell to the oil. There is no fishy smell to his breath. I highly recommend this product.
By Kathie
Great Product
January 2, 2017
I have been giving this to my dogs and have noticed a great difference in their skin and coats. Got a bottle for my son who has a young lab that sheds like CRAZY and it has really helped cut down on the shedding. I have a cat who has recently been diagnosed with feline AIDS, and I have started adding this to his food to help boost his immune system - all the animals eat it without hesitation.
By Linda98635
Lyle, wa.
Omega 3
October 21, 2016
This product is a high quality source of omega 3.
It has excellent packaging and lasts a long time.
I highly recommend if you want the best omega 3 for your pet.
replacement for Actis Omega
August 12, 2016
Our rescue had dry, itchy skin,this product solved the problem.
By Christine
Review for Iceland Pure Unscented Sardine & Anchovy Fish Oil (33 oz)
August 7, 2016
My vet recommended a fish oil supplement with sardine and/or anchovy rather than the typical Wild Alaskan Salmon oil because it is a more potent source of EFA's (essential fatty acids). My dogs fur is just as shiny as with the salmon and I love that it is unscented. It also comes in an aluminum container which helps to preserve it. The price is also great!
By iluvmyGSD
Very Satisfied
April 6, 2016
This oil came in a nice sturdy box sealed with a silicone "cork" that I removed and replaced with the included pump. It is unscented and is working well making my GSD's coat and skin looking better. I raw feed and the diet can be high in Omega 6. This oil is a high quality omega 3 supplement. I like that it is made with anchovy and sardine oil which have less mercury and higher DHA and EPA than larger oily fish.
By fenwick
Best Oil Ever
September 2, 2014
What can I say. Molly's coat and skin have improved ten-fold. Low smell, very low. Excellent product and priced well.
By ElisMom
Buffalo, NY
Very Effective Product
July 14, 2014
Works great if you have a Lab who insists on chewing on her skin/paws. Much more effective than plain old fish oil capsules. A great investment if you'd like your Lab to have a shiny coat and stop chewing and itching. Beats running to the vet and giving (shudder) steriods.
By rich
oil suppplement
January 23, 2014
it seems to help their coat and skin
they are not scratching as much
By JMS864
Dallas TX
Best omega 3 oil on the market
October 11, 2013
In today's world, there is a growing concern for our oceans and pollution. With the recent Fukashima nuclear plant melt down, I am very concerned with potential danger to the fish in the pacific region. I started buying this because of the location which the fish are caught, not to mention, I love that they do not use plastic bottles, because of BPA. I will continue to buy this oil from Entirely Pets, because of their prompt delivery, it's always very fast and I receive it quickly.
I highly recommend this company and all their oils!
By Thules M.
Fantastic Product for Canine Arthritis
September 20, 2013
This is the only thing that has made a significant difference in my Newfoundland's mobility. I will not be without it!
Alexandria, VA
Good health in a bottle
June 2, 2013
This is a great company and by far the best fish oil in the market for our furry balls, does not have any after smell. Pup loves it and I have bought two of them, first Salmon and now Sardines & Anchovy. Entirely Pets has the best price. I feel good about the can it is in.
By Skd
Fairview, oregon
Great product
March 21, 2013
Cat has only been using it for a few weeks and we are already seeing a difference in her coat and her dandruff has gotten better.
By Jo B.
Love this Product!
December 25, 2012
Our Shih Tzus love this oil. In addition, their vet approved my giving them this oil.
Lola and Luigi now have soft and silky coats.
By Sugar
So far so good!
July 16, 2012
I ordered this product for my eldest dog who has an extensive medical history. My vet told me that fish oil has anti-inflammatory properties and that it would help my dog's joints, in addition to all the other prescription medications that she is on. She has been on this product for about three weeks and she is doing very well. I don't know if it's all down to this product, or if it's a combination of this and her NSAIDs, but she seems to be getting around better and she loves the taste! My other two dogs showed interest in the fish oil so I give it to all three of them now. Not bad for three picky eaters!
By Rich F.
Great Product
January 19, 2012
Much better than fish oil capsules, as this has no odor. I have a dobie with skin conditions and thin/brittle coat. This oil has helped keep his coat beautiful and soft. Great product.
By A B.
Washington, DC
Really Great Product
January 10, 2012
We were recommended on this product as part of a general cancer prevention program for our dog once she was diagnosed with mast cell tumor 2 yrs ago. Don't know if it's this product in combination w/Wholistic Canine Complete but no tumors for over 1 yr, great skin and coat, and great energy, like a puppy almost at age 9. And it doesn't smell fishy! Our dog loves the taste as well.
By Leslie
Great product for Omega 3 and 6
October 24, 2011
My two Shih Tzus are on a raw food diet and I supplement their morning and evening meals with Iceland Pure to ensure they are getting both Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. They love the taste and are both very healthy girls. I highly recommend this product.
Washington, DC
great addition to regimen
January 13, 2011
My Shepherd/Lab mix had 2 bouts of mast cell skin cancer last yr and I looked for natural ways to boost her immune system. Local natural pet store rec'd this oil + a greens/vitamin supplement "Canine Complete" by Wholistic Pet (I think).
Anyway, her fur is so much softer and her skin doesn't flake - and she was already on natural grain free dog food! Great product, easy to use, fast shipping. Thanks!

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