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HomeoPet Joint Stress (15 mL)

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Try Bonies Dental Bones - Calming FormulaHomeoPet Joint Stress (formally called HomeoPet Joint Relief) supports your pet's aging joints. It provides temporary relief from: joint stiffness, soreness, muscle tension, overexertion, pain in lower back and joint areas.

Dosage: 3 doses daily into the mouth, or in water.
1-20lbs (10 kg)...5 drops (one dose)
20-100lbs (10-50 kg)...10 drops (one doses)
Over 100lbs (50 kg)...15 drops (one doses)
Under 1lb. dosing instruction inside box.

Ingredients: Arnica M., Rhus Tox., Hypericum, Calendula O., Ham V., Lathyrus S., Acon., N. 6c&30c in 20% USP alc. in purified water.

Contact your Veterinarian if problem persists.

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