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JW Pet Activitoys Hall of Mirrors Bird Toy is an entertaining accessory for your bird's cage. This toy uses several mirrors positioned to reflect multiple images of your bird. The multiple images will stimulate your bird's imagination and encourage your bird to stay active. The mirrors accomplish this not only through their numbers but also through the length and shape of each mirror.

The JW Pet Activitoys Hall of Mirror Birds Toy is the perfect size for parakeets and birds of similar size. When you're unable to tend to your bird, this toy will ensure that he is never lonely and that he always has something to keep him entertained and energetic. Your bird will love this unique mirror toy, so order it today!

Key Features:
  • Fits in bird's cage and ideal for parakeet, cockatiel and birds of similar size
  • Keeps your bird stimulated and energized
  • Toy measures 5"x2"x9"
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