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Kitty Can Chew Grow-A-Heads

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Kitty Can Chew Grow-A-Heads lets you grow a delicious "head" made of edible cat grass on these whimsical critters. Fresh grass satisfies kitty's craving for greens and gives her an alternative to houseplants, which can be harmful. Contains vitamins and minerals and sprouts in 5-7 days. Simply spread included growing medium in can and water until saturated. Water as needed to keep seeds moist.

Allow the grass to grow to 4" to 6" before allowing your cat to eat. Contains oat and barley grass seeds.

Available in Mouse, Fish, Bird, and Frog heads.

Contents: 16 grams of oat and barley seed and coir (coconut fiber growing medium). Growing can is made of plastic; animal parts are made of craft foam.

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