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KONG Squeezz Ball - Medium (Assorted)

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The KONG Squeezz® Ball is a great dog toy for fetch. The fun bounce and recessed squeaker provide safe play, while the grippy textures provide extra chewing enjoyment for your dog.

Key Features:

  • Playful bounce ideal for interactive games of fetch
  • Squeaker entices play
  • Recessed squeaker still works when punctured
  • Textures for chewing enjoyment

Useful Information


  • Designed for light/moderate chewing.
  • For tough chew sessions, try KONG rubber toys.
  • Supervised use only.
  • Remove all packaging.
  • Discontinue use if damaged.

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
39 Reviews
67% (26)
13% (5)
10% (4)
8% (3)
3% (1)
85% Recommend this product (33 of 39 responses)
By Debbie
Long Island, NY
Kong Squezz Ball
December 29, 2019
One of the few balls that both squeaks (a must) and is durable. Our 75 pound dog eventually chews every toy apart -- this one actually holds up for a few days. He loves toys that squeak so finding one that is hard to tear apart and also squeaks is a big win. Also, the size medium fits in the Chucker.
Great squeaker balls....BUT...
March 24, 2018
Our Rotties & Labs LOVE these balls, BUT...
I wish they made them LARGER for LARGER dogs.
By Dakotamoon
Finally Doesn't Break!
April 15, 2017
I purchased this for my pit bull. Any pit owner will understand the frustration of trying to find a toy that doesn't break in a matter of minutes or should I say seconds. This ball provides hours of enjoyment for my Roxie since she can squeek it and the noise maker doesn't fall out, she can bite down and it doesn't break in half! Would highly recommend this toy to anyone with a bully breed or a dog that constantly breaks new toys!
By R2
Best ball ever
February 19, 2016
Our guy will break other squeakers in minutes and the toy ripped up not long after. This ball is still going strong after at least 5 hours of play time. And he chases it like he did when he was puppy (now 5 yrs).
By Dog l.
Had to purchase more as we lost the last one
January 4, 2016
My Irish Setter loves the Kong bals. Playes fetch for hours
good purchase
December 18, 2015
exactly what i was looking for my pet! My dog loves these balls
By amh
Review for KONG Squeezz Ball - Medium (Assorted)
November 11, 2015
After reading reviews I was excited that this product might work great for my Pitbulls who love balls and squeaky toys, but unfortunately, they destroyed in under 5 minutes. Will keep looking!
By chrissy
my dogs favorite
October 28, 2015
love this kong ball! and so do my dogs! bouncy, squeaky, durable, what's not to love! thanks kong!
By Gracie
Bentonville, Va
Review for KONG Squeezz Ball - Extra Large (Assorted)
October 5, 2015
Good sturdy toy. The squeakers don't last long but toy is bullet proof.
By Treat d.
St. John, IN
Great balls a squeakin
September 19, 2015
My Border Collie thinks this toy was Heaven sent. She loves toys of all kinds, and tennis balls are tops, but no longer. Only con is that drool makes this ball pick up any hair on the floor, but the fun factor is tops. There are two holes so no stuck tongue, and the 'squeaker' is a riot. Gets an A+ from my dog.
By Mediator
Baldwin, Maryland
Great Toy BUT...
April 8, 2015
Everything, including price is great EXCEPT the squeaker sound is only good for a few times. My dog is a certified Therapy Dog and we take one of these balls with us on visits to emotionally disturbed young boys. We play indoors and they throw the ball to our dog and then she gives it back, For some reason, it stops squeaking after about 20 or so throws. We're now on ball # 6 and they have all performed defectively the same way. It has gotten costly but it's the only ball she likes and can see because she is about 80% blind and she can see the red and green.
Please fix this defect!!
By Dottie
Martinez, Ca
Very Well Made Squeaker Ball
March 11, 2015
Usually when we purchase a new toy for our Jack Russell, it only takes minutes (always fully supervised) to destroy until it squeaks no more. Then she will get up and leave her mess behind. Well, she dove into this ball with that same gusto, but now, months later it is still in one piece and still squeaking. She locates it every couple of days and has another good go at it. Longest lasting toy ever. I did purchase one of the animals in this same line, buy she chewed off the ears and all went downhill from there!
By Peter
Well Made
January 31, 2015
My 85lb Airedale Clancy loves this ball. Better made then others with a squeaker. Even heavy duty squeaker toys he'll usually destroy in a few days. Not this one
January 27, 2015
This has been one of Daisy's favorites since we got her as a pup Feb 2014. so we always have at least one around. It has a nice squeeker, not one of those constant obnoxious ones. We only wish we could find bigger sizes. the Extra Large really isn't and so far I've not been able to find this product in an Extra-Extra. How 'bout a size "Mega," Kong products? Please??
By Dog l.
Dogs love this toy
September 24, 2014
Both my setter and springer spaniel can't stop playing with this ball. Bought 2 so each could have one but turns out they compete to get one ball.
By Viebro
North Idaho
Faulty design
September 8, 2014
First off my dog loves these balls. They bounce super good, and when they roll they kind of go every which way, which drives him nuts. The problem is the squeaker. Within the first 30 mins of use the small little reed in the squeaker comes out. The ball stops squeaking. I have bought over 36 of these balls and in keeps getting worse. I continue to purchase hoping the problem is fixed.
By Catahoula D.
Best Ball
August 4, 2014
My catahoula loves balls. Of all the balls I have tried (a lot) these are the best by far and the price here is fantastic. Yes, the squeak routinely only lasts a couple of days at most, but the ball itself is pretty indestructible. I lose them before they die, so I order 8 tot 10 at a time. Only problem, every other dog at the park likes them too. Good thing Zinc doesn't mind sharing.
By deb
July 14, 2014
By Mom
Good for even big dogs
May 19, 2014
It's is one of the few toys which have lasted a long time...My dogs love it!
By Ani
Kansas City, MO
Very squeaky and bouncy
May 9, 2014
I bought these because I needed balls that were easy to clean. My dogs usually play with Kong tennis balls but they get so dirty and muddy and they are difficult to clean. These balls are VERY squeaky. My dogs always stop what they are doing immediately and cock their head. They are also VERY bouncy and my dogs love chasing after them.

They are plastic so it took a while for them to adjust. At first they would just chase after it and not pick it up. I think they prefer the Hartz Duraplay balls overall though.
By brian
March 11, 2014
My German Shepherd loves the medium and small balls better than the large. Actually, the small ball has held up best. It still squeeks. The others come apart fairly quickly,
By Maggie'sPackLeader
Great Purchase!
February 14, 2014
I bought this ball because of the size to use with another toy called the Pooch Ball. This toy is a tube with a tennis ball in it and your dog has too work to get the ball out of the tube. Problem is, once our dog gets the tennis ball out, it is shredded in a matter of minutes! Enter the KONG Squeezz Ball, large 3" ball....It's a bit hard to get into the tube, but Maggie still manages get it out! Best of all, she can chew on this kong ball and I don't have to worry it will be shredded to bits.
By ScorpioMaurus
Milwaukee, WI
Excellent for Tough Chewers
January 1, 2014
My mom's 2 year old pit/boxer mix (85lbs) destroys almost every toy he gets in a matter of seconds or minutes but he's had this for over a week and it's still showing no signs of wear and tear even though he's definitely trying hard to rip it up. It has a squeaker that's very loud but it drives him crazy and he loves it :)
By Dozer
Livonia, MI
Good Toy
December 31, 2013
Our Rottweiler is 9 months old and weighs 100 pounds (yeah, he's a big boy). The squeaker lasted about 1 day, but the ball itself is still intact and he still likes to chew it and play fetch with it. It is very hard to find appropriate chew toys for him, he goes through most toys in about 10 minutes. Very happy to say this one is still going strong, other than it doesn't make the squeak sound. That is why I gave it a 4 star rating.
By Jeanne
First one great - Second one broke
November 30, 2013
The first one we bought was perfect and great! Our dog played with it a very long time until he finally tore it apart, so we bought another one and it only lasted a few days! Squeeker broke immediatley.
By Brio
Madera, CA
Lots of Bounce
November 12, 2013
This ball is soft enough for the puppy to squeeze, but tough enough to endure the teeth. It has a lot of bounce and is fun for the puppy to throw and chase all by himself! The squeaker still works after many hours of play--unheard of!
By meddy
South Lyon, MI
November 11, 2013
Planned to stuff this ball in my Holee Roller toys but was disappointed that the squeaker did not work. Dogs really enjoy when the ball squeaks. Wouldn't have taken much for someone to squeeze it before packaging it. Will not order this by catalog again.
By Luv4pets
my dog's second favorite Kong toy
November 7, 2013
I've chosen to buy Kong toys as they are the ONLY ones he likes and doesn't destroy.
By Dutzer
1419 North 2nd Street
Kong Squeess ball
October 29, 2013
I love it. My dogs love it. I have recommended this product to my clients.
By Tabitha
Greenville, SC
Fun durable ball
October 27, 2013
Bought multiple toys, this one is my dogs favorite. Very bouncy, strong, and durable. Would recommend for outdoors vs indoors due to the heaviness and weight. At least if you have young children who like to throw the ball indoors.

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