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Le Salon Combo Brush Small

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The Le Salon Essentials Dog Bristle/Steel Pin Combo Brush provides a handy and well-performing grooming brush for small and medium dogs. From the same line of product that includes a full range of grooming accessories and tools, teh Le Salon Dog Brush comes with a bristle and steel pin switch option, which allows a dog owner to switch between modes to work out hair problems and fur matting on a pet.

Regular grooming of a pet helps a dog get rid of loose fur, matting, dirt, contaminants and stuff that a canine can bring into a house with itself on a regular basis. Instead of letting that material pile up on a dog or drop off inside, a good brushing and grooming can cut down on the problem before it starts. The process also helps a dog stay clean, which reduces health problems from contaminants. The 2-in-1 feature of the Le Salon Brush helps a dog owner take care of all the above, even with stubborn issues in long hair dogs.

As a result, the benefits of the Le Salon Grooming Brush include:

• Durable nylon bristles that won't break or fall off. • An easy to see red handle and coloring so the brush doesn't get lost. • A 2-in-1 brush feature to alternate quickly while the dog is in place. • The brush works on most dog breeds.

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