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LINKS-IT Pet Tag Connector - Black
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LINKS-IT Pet Tag Connector - Black

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Forget metal rings and S-hooks- LINKS-IT® makes changing tags on your pet's collar easy!

 LINKS-IT is a new pet tag connector that can be used to connect a variety of tags to your pet's collar. Unlike metal rings and S-hooks, you won’t break your fingernails or need tools to attach a new tag to your pet's collar.

This connector’s unique locking mechanism keeps tags securely on collars and can be used to attach microchips, licenses, IDs, and more. Kansas State University tested LINKS-IT and found that it can hold 58 pounds and can open and close over 50,000 times. Don't struggle to update your dog's information ever again- order the LINKS-IT for your pets' collar today!

Key Features:
  • Available in 9 bright colors
  • LINKS-IT was a Finalist in Martha Stewart’s American Made Contest and won the Becker’s Best Award as a top new pet product.
  • Made in the USA
  • Useful Information

    Directions for Use:
    1. Hold Link between thumb and index finger of left hand. Point arrow to the right.
    2. Grip middle of lock between thumb and index finger of right hand. Pull to the right.
    3. Push index finger through Link to swing Lock open. Extend Lock fully.
    4. Pull arms in opposite directions to unclasp Link.
    5. Place tags on one side and D-ring on opposite side. To close, reverse Steps 4 to 1.
    6. Check that clasp of the Link rests inside the Lock. Do not use split rings with LINKS-IT.


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