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Living World 3 Toy Assortment with Bells

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This item has been discontinued.


This item has been discontinued. We recommend trying other bird toys and accessories

When it comes to getting your pet bird a full kit of toys that help with instinctual learning, the Living World Value Pack is the way to go. The kit comes with a mix of interesting items that range from exercise-encouraging rings to a reflective plastic ball to a light with mirrors. Because these toys are so different from each other, your pet will be a bit fascinated with how they behave when interacting with them. You will be happy because they give your bird exercise as well as entertainment and fun.

The high variety of colors, sounds, and moving parts in the toys will keep your birds entertained as well as interested. When installed in cage the toys will not only allow your pet to interact with its mirror image, they also help your bird get creative. The changing colors often keep birds interested simply because things change, catching the bird's eye.

Other benefits of the Living World 3 Toy Kit include:

• Every kit comes with an assortment of toys to keep birds interested and entertained. • The toys include lots of mirrors to fascinate birds with their own reflection. • Multi-colored features regularly catch a bird's attention to investigate more. • Construction made of durable plastic so the toys won't fall apart any time soon, regardless of how often your birds play with them.

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