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Living World 4 Plastic Balls with Bells

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Birds enjoy their cage environment far more when they have toys to play with. Brightly colored interactive toys as well as bells and mirrors a big favorites for the winged pets, especially items that catch their attention quickly. With the Living World Plastic Balls Kit a bird owner can entertain his fowl friends with bells as well as round toys that can be bumped and pecked again and again without worry or problem.

The Living World Plastic Balls Kit represent some of the safest toys on the market for pet birds. To the non-bird person they may seem like simple plastic toy balls. However, to a bird these toys trigger and engage all the bird's senses. Because of the design, all the bird's senses are being stimulated. This helps prevent boredom and destructive habits in birds that have no other entertainment within their cage, especially if more than one bird inhabits the same container.

Other benefits of the Living World Plastic Balls Kit include:

• Toys that are designed and manufactured without any toxic components that would harm pets playing with them. • A durable plastic that won't wear down, break or fall apart from use by birds. • A toy that fully stimulates a bird's mind in entertaining play. • Multiple colors to trigger visual stimulation for a bird playing with the toys.

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