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Living World Aspen Shavings (1200 cu inch)

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Living World Aspen Shavings are designed to provide a pet owner a natural means of cage or environment litter without harmful side effects. These shavings are specifically manufactured to be scent-free without any kind of aromatic oils. The result is a type of cage litter that is highly absorbant, but doesn't overwhelm the senses as well as those of the animal in the cage.

The Living World Shavings are ideal for cages and contained environments for pet gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, mice, and even the odd, round chincillas. Treated and manufactured to be completely hypoallergenic, the shavings won't cause any side effects to pets. This is particularly advantageous for pet owners with rodents that may have existing breathing problems or sensitivity to their environments in terms of dust or smells.

So when considering new shaving litter shavings for a rodent cage or a small animal habitat, consider these benefits from Living World Aspen Shavings:

• Living World Shavings are entirely made from natural wood sources. • All oils, smells and aromas are removed from the shavings entirely. • Living World Shavings provide an entirely safe litter product for sensitive animals with pre-existing problems. • The Shavings are highly absorbent, making them very effective at capturing messes for cleanup later on. • The product is packed in an air-tight packaging so all the shavings will be fresh and dry on use.

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