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Marina AquaVac Easy Clean Water Changer (25' Hose)

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The Hagen Marina AquaVAC Easy Clean Gravel Cleaner and Water Changer is in our opinion the best system of its type in the aquarium industry. This system is amazingly easy to use; Connect it to your sink faucet, clean through your gravel with the unique vacuum tube and then simply refill your tank with the flick of a switch. With the AquaVAC your going to cut your maintenance time in half!

The AquaVAC works via water pressure from your tap and the included suction pump that once connected to your faucet you simply twist the pump valve down to drain (or suction the gravel) and then twist it up to fill the aquarium.

Full 18 Long Gravel Cleaner Tube - Extra long for easy cleaning of taller aquariums plus the special shape allows corners to be easily vacuumed. Brass Adapter - The other brands plastic adapter tends to strip over time. Not so with the AquaVacs brass unit that fits securely to most standard faucets. Regulation Valve - Equipped with a special valve to regulate the water flow while cleaning or filling your aquarium. Suction Cup Brackets - Ensures the gravel cleaner stays in place when starting the water as well as going hands free in the filling process. Fish Guard Strainer - Keeps your fishsafe when the aquarium is being drained. Exclusive Gravel Guard - No other system has this design which keeps gravel from becoming trapped in the hose when cleaning the aquarium. br>
Product Features
  • Brass adapter for standard faucets
  • Female hose adapter to connect to most industrial faucets and outdoor hose faucets
  • Valve to regulate the water flow when cleaning or filling your aquarium
  • Suction cup bracket that insure the gravel cleaner stays in place when starting the water
  • Fish guard strainer to ensure the safety of the fish when the aquarium is being drained, Gravel guard that ensures that no gravel is trapped in the hose when cleaning the aquarium
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