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Naked Leaf Daily Drops Small Canine 450mg - Chicken (30 ml)

Item: NL010
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Our Naked Leaf Daily Drops are ideal for working into pets daily routines to form part of a healthy lifestyle. Supplementing our doggies can help in our quest for a long, happy life spent chasing birds and snoozing by the campfire.

  • For healthy bones and joints
  • Helps maintain calmness
  • Boosts mood and energy
  • Helps support mobility


Active: Organically Grown Broad Spectrum Hemp

Inactive: MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) Coconut Oil, Organic Chicken Flavoring

Useful Information

Each bottle of Daily Drops for Dogs contains a 30ml blend of premium hemp oil, MCT coconut oil, and organic chicken flavouring. The dropper inside measures 1ml. We've included markings to help you administer smaller amounts, or to split throughout the day. Check the tables below to ?nd the right amount for your fluffy friends.


From Pugs to Beagles, the smallest pooches only need a tiny taste. Our 15mg dropper is designed to help you get their delivery just right.

Weight Amount
>10 lbs 0.25 ml
11-20 lbs 0.5 ml
21-40 lbs 1 ml
21+ lbs 2 ml


The likes of Huskies and Mastiffs take a lot of fuelling. If you're the one feeding them, you probably know that already. For these bigger boys and girls, we've formulated a slightly stronger solution, with 30mg per 1ml dropper.

Weight Amount
11-20 lbs 0.25 ml
21-40 lbs 0.5 ml
46-60 lbs 1 ml
60+ lbs 1-2 ml

Our products are estimated to provide a 30-day supply, using the suggested daily administration. Every person and animal is different, and may therefore require a variance in their daily usage. It's important to note that any variance may accordingly increase or decrease the supply offered in individual products and subscription boxes.

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