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Natural Chemistry Reptile Relief Spray (8 oz)

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Natural Chemistry Reptile Relief Spray uses patented safe and non toxic ingredients to protect your reptile from unwanted pests

 Reptile Relief Spray safety soften the waxy exoskeleton of the mite and other reptile parasites. Once the mites' "armor" has been "penetrated" its internal organs are saturated and it is quickly destroyed. This product does not leave any residue and only kills the insects it directly contacts.

Natural Chemistry Reptile Relief Spray is EPA registered to spray directly on the pet reptile and its environment. Reptile Relief uses all-natural ingredients as do all Natural Chemistry products. For more items from Natural Chemistry, check out the related items section on this page. Order Reptile Relief Spray for your reptile today!

Key Features:
  • Safe for direct application
  • Kills fleas, lice, ticks and mites
  • Natural ingredients with no harmful chemicals
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