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Microbe-Lift Gram Negative/Gram Positive Powder (3.4 oz)
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Microbe-Lift Gram Negative/Gram Positive Powder (3.4 oz)

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Gram Negative/ Gram Positive Use for the control, prevention and treatment of microbial diseases of aquarium fish.

MICROBE-LIFT/Gram Negative/Gram Positive targets infected areas on the skin, body and fins of aquarium fish and includes a multi-part skin slime replacer to reduce stress and aid in recovery.

  • Mouth "Fungus"
  • Fin & Tail Rot
  • Furunculosis
  • Bacterial Gill Disease
  • "Black Molly" Disease

    Ingredients Nitrofurazone, Furazolidone, Synthetic Polymers and an Inert Carrier.

    Warning: Do not use MICROBE-LIFT/Gram Negative/Gram Positive with any other medications or treatments.

    As a bath treatment for external nitrofurans- susceptible microbial diseases of marine and freshwater aquarium fish use at the rate of one capful for each 10 gallons (38 L) of water. Prior to the initial use of MICROBE-LIFT/Gram Negative/Gram Positive a partial water change, of 25% or more should be made. Carbon filtration must be removed during treatment (CAUTION: Do not stop other filtration!). Dosage may be repeated, following the recommended water change, every 24 hours. MICROBE-LIFT/Gram Negative/Gram Positive is best used in a separate quarantine/ treatment (Q/T) tank. If after three treatments, signs of the disease being treated persist, perform a large water change, replace the carbon filtration, and consider using other treatment(s).

    Do not use with permanganate-based treatments. Not recommended for use with invertebrates

  • Follow directions carefully
  • Do not use with any other medications California Warning: This product contains detectable amounts of a chemical or chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or to cause reproductive harm. This product is intended for use with all ornamental aquarium fish. Not for use with fish or aquatic invertebrates intended for human consumption. This is not a medication or economic poison and is not intended for use as such.
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