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Nonnie (3/23/09)

Name: Nonnie
Breed: Mixed breed
Submitted by:
Jennifer A.
Location: N. California


Nonnie is a beautiful addition to my family and has been for 12 years. She brings to my life almost everything that a child could--unconditional love and affection with her comforting presence. Nonnie's most endearing quality is that she is a big kisser, she loves to shower me with wake-up kisses on the nose, which I've heard is not a personality trait of all cats. She also has a very distinct meow when she is carrying a "gift" to the foot of my bed, it could be one of my socks or her toy bunny that she carries with her with immense pride. Nonnie was brought into my life by chance when I went to a yard sale and she was being given away. I fell in love instantly, and have been ever since.

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