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Oliver (11/2/09)

Pet of the Week
Pet of the Week winner
Name: Oliver
Breed: Pastel Domestic Shorthair
Submitted by: Ellen R.
Location: Hollywood, FL

This is Oliver, a 5 year old Pastel Domestic Shorthair. After spending 5 years feeding a colony of feral cats, Oliver appeared. He was abused and his spirit and body were broken. He was so relieved to be rescued off the streets. When we took him for a checkup, the Vet found that he has a heart problem, broken teeth, and a badly healed broken hip which causes him to walk with a very special little swish. He now has a Cardiologist treating his heart, his broken teeth have been fixed and the 6 pound skinny little kitty we brought home 3 years ago is now 12Lbs. He is happy, very loved and our special teddy bear. Oliver has a brother we adopted from the Vet and a 2 year old sister we rescued from the same colony of cats. They love their big brother and he loves them. He loves playing, chasing and cuddling with Alexander and Sarah. They all sleep in bed with us and Oliver has the place of honor, snuggled by my face. Oliver has brought great love into our home and will always be our very special little boy!

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