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Ourpets Kitty Potty-No Touch Litter Box System

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OurPets® Kitty Potty™ is an innovative waste removal system that caters to your cat’s natural elimination instincts and serves as an unprecedented training tool to “potty train” kittens. From kitten to cat, you’ll never need another litterbox.

Felines deposit waste in a hole, strategically placed in the middle of the unit. Surrounding the hole is litter which allows the cat to instinctively cover, but never touch its waste, ensuring that bacteria will not be tracked through the home. Pet owners do not have to come in contact with waste either. When the waste tray is full, simply remove the tray, slide the bag over the waste and toss for an easy no-touch cleanup. It makes waste unreachable to other pets, eliminating dog coprophagia. Kitty Potty™ has a universal zeolite carbon filter that effectively absorbs odors, keeping the litter area fresh and clean, and its ability to work with non-clumping litter makes it a very economical solution.

  • Simulates kitty’s natural instincts
  • Cat’s paws stay clean
  • Easy to clean – no touch waste removal
  • Effectively absorbs odors
  • Dimension: 13" x 20" x 10.75"
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