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Pure Commotion by Pet Links

Item: PANMSE360
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The Pure Commotion formerly Panic Mouse 360 is an electronic and robotic interactive cat toy that creates random "mouse-like movements," changing directions in unpredictable jerking motions. Your cat will stay entertained all season long. The Panic Mouse 360 is sure to amuse both cats and owners alike. The Panic Mouse 360 has a digital timer that can be set to turn the unit off from 15 minutes - 2 hours.

The plastic wand bends and contorts, bouncing back to its original form. The illusive object of cat curiosity: An artificial fur pouch that feels and acts like a real mouse.

Crazy, wild, and full of surprises, Panic Mouse is the much meowed-for answer for playful cats everywhere. Never a dull moment, Panic Mouse, is there to keep your pet happy for hours on end.

Requires 3 AA batteries.

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
13 Reviews
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31% (4)
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62% Recommend this product (8 of 13 responses)
By Linda
May 30, 2016
The cats love this one. They fight over who will get the feathers. I put it on the table at night, in the morning it's on the floor. They can't turn it on, yet but they still play with it.
By mary v.
absolute garbage
August 10, 2015
This is the 5th of these I have purchased, Each one lasts less time than the one before. This last I bought lasted exactly one month , the blue light stays on but the arm does nothing.
Entirely pets will not replace unless less than a week old
My cat didn't even play with it he just laid under it and let it hit him. He did not damage
By Sami35
Better than predesossor
October 14, 2013
Mouse seems to be a bit better constructed than th earlier version. The feather instead of the fuzzy black ball seems to be a nice change.

Two drawbacks that I hope will evolved are:
1. Replacing batteries requires using a small Phillips screwdriver to open the battery compartment. Directions say 'use fingernail' but only tiny creatures to get a nail in.

2. Timer doesn't work most of the time. The 15 minute intervals run till the batteries run out.

Note: It took me a while to realize that the on/off button is on right and timer is on left.

But my cats have always loved this toy. I actually keep a spare in case the one running breaks!
By Siberian
Palmyra, PA
Great Toy, Not well built
March 4, 2013
This was a great idea, and my cats absolutely loved it! Unfortunately - it is not a durable toy - not the best design. My cats are 8 months old, and they actually ripped the feather toy off the stick within one hour of seeing this for the first time. The feather toy, while it is nothing unique, is the favorite toy of the male cat. Additionally - we have been unable to find replacement parts for the toy. Great concept, cheaply constructed, and as a result overpriced.
By lyonsden
Review for Pure Commotion by Pet Links
January 22, 2013
My two six year old cats love this toy...especially in the wintertime when they have cabin fever!!!!!!!!!!!!
By catsbongo
my cats live for panic mouse
August 9, 2012
this is my 3rd one the cats love it and entertain themselves playing with it none stop
My cats are older than 10 yrs and still love to play with this wonderful toy !!!!
By Glorybe
another waste of money
May 2, 2012
This is another good idea that was poorly carried out. For starters, it appears to be too low to really interest the cat, even my smaller animals. Second, there is too little variability and speeds are too low. Pressing the poorly labeled buttons does not really seem to change the speed or direction. Only the attachment with the tassles generated even a flicker of interest, the others, none.
By Catlover
Panama City Beach, FL
Great toy, bad manufacturing.
December 13, 2011
I would give it 5 starts if it lasted. This is the 3rd one I have ordered and it has lasted the shortest. I wrote a review on October 24, 2011 about this same problem. I received about 10/24 and it just quit working yesterday, not even two months later. Called Entirely Pets and it is over the 30 day return period, so they recommended calling the manufacturer, manufacturer was no help, said they had a 30 day return period. It is manufactured in China, so what do I expect? My cats love it though. Oh well, think I will start looking for the next great toy.
By anges35
Good toy, bad manufacturing
October 26, 2011
I've ordered several 360 Panic Mouse toys over the years. It has always been the favorite toy for my cat.
But once it no longer rotates, the charm is gone. It's not a battery problem.

The length of time is works varies-once it stopped after 2 weeks. One day it just stops working and there is no way to try to repair it. I would like to see companies that carry this product complain to the manufacturer about this. For almost $30, it should be a more dependable toy.

Unfortunately, I cant explain this to my cat!
By Cat P.
Panama City, Florida
Panic Mouse 360 is the best interactive toy.
October 24, 2011
Best interactive toy that I have ever found for my cats. The only problem is that it never lasts long enough. This is the 3rd one I have purchased in the past 2 years. The motor goes quick. But my 3 cats absolutely love it, my youngest, Cupcake goes crazy for it. Even when the others don't play with it, it seems to keep them occupied. Entirelypets shipping is always slow for me. I have also ordered online only to find out items were on backorder and I didn't find out until the order had been placed and I received my email. This last order I placed over the phone and paid extra for the 2-3 day shipping. I received it 6 days after I placed the order ( I ordered on Sunday and received on Friday). The tracking said it was shipped out on Monday. This is the only issue I have with ordering from Entirely Pets. Customer service is always nice and friendly, but shipping and backordering seems to be a problem for me.
By Taiba
Entertaining but
October 12, 2011
My cats have enjoyed this toy for a full day but while they are playing with it the stick falls off the metal piece like every 4 minutes and I have to attach it again, they also got kinda bored the next day and didn't seem interested anymore.
By Catmom313
Schaumburg, IL
My 2 and 6 year olds would not play with it!
January 14, 2011
We play with our cats all the time and they are well stimulated say the least. I turned this toy on and they both just sat with all four tucked under and newly adopted 1yr old played with it when it was not moving better. The only good thing I did like this better than the under cover mouse in the sense that it did not go through batteries like water, it has a automatic timer so the toy turns off automatically. This toy has to be enticed more for older cats. I see young kittens loving this toy, something that is always moving intrigues them. Older cats figure it out and they are bored with it.
By Christine
Fantastic Toy
February 11, 2009
I originally purchased this toy for my sister 's two cats for Christmas. They LOVED it so I had to purchase it for my cats as well! I have three cats, two are almost 3 and one is almost 2 so they don't play as much as they used to. They do now! I just turn it on with the timer function and let them go! The only negative is my cat keeps pulling the "fishing pole" off the metal arm so I had to glue it on. I highly recommend this for all kitties!

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