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Patio Pacific Endura Flap Door Mount

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Endura Flap Pet Door the most energy efficient, flexible flap pet door is the Endura Flap. Not only will this pet door save you money on your heat/AC bills, but it will last you forever and it is backed with a superior 15 year warranty. If you’re looking for the best pet door for your dog or cat you’ll find the Endura Flap triumphs over the competition, and it happens to be designed and made in the USA!

Features of the Endura Flap Door Mount
  • Flap material is a polyolefin-based polymer which is safe for your pets and the environment, and remains flexible in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Select single or double flap; single flap models only have one flap on the interior frame, and double flap models have a flap on the interior and exterior frame for extra insulation.
  • Four different sizes that have a high aspect ratio, meaning they are taller and narrower to better fit more pets.
  • Solid magnet strips along the sides and magnets at the bottom of the flap keep your pet door sealed year round. Strength is adjustable for easy training.
  • UV and wind resistant, the Endura Flap has been designed to remain sealed in winds up to 50 mph.
  • Heavy duty aluminum frame provides extreme strength and durability.
  • Durable and secure locking cover to close your pet door when necessary; equivalent to 1/16” steel.
  • Designed to fit doors 1/2" - 1 3/4" in the single flap version and 1 3/4" to 2 1/4" in the double flap version. (Adjusting the single flap to less than 1 3/8" requires cutting the trim frame with a jig saw)
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