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4-PACK Perfect Litter Lite (16 lb)

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Perfect Litter is ultra-lightweight and biodegradable and a natural and healthy alternative to traditional clay based litter. Cat owners have always complained about the weight of cat litter and how exhausting it is to carry the bag of litter from the store or the task of replacing the old litter with the new litter. Perfect Litter is the only cat litter is in the market that is ultra-lightweight.

Perfect Litter Lite is made with superior odor control formula that helps to keep the litter odorless and stops odor naturally at the source. Perfect litter's premium clumping action traps liquid on contact and destroys bacteria and prevents dirty odor that is harmful for your cat.

  • 100% Natural & Ultra Light Weight
  • Superior Odor Controlling
  • Premium Clumping
  • Made in the USA
  • 4 bags, 4 pounds each
  • Useful Information

    Instructions on litter transition:
    Cats don't like a change in their environtment. Some cats will take to a new litter immediately; others not so fast. We recommend:
  • Disposing of old litter and cleaning litter box as first step.
  • Pour a layer of Perfect Litter on the bottom of the litter box and cover with your old litter; ⅓ Perfect Litter to ⅔ of old litter
  • As you clean the box, refill with Perfect Litter until the old litter is no longer being used. If your cat is reluctant or hesitant, sprinkle a little catnip in the box (sample provided).
  • Remove clumps and all feces daily and examine clumps for any color indication
  • Add more Perfect Litter as needed to maintain an adequate depth in the litter box. Stir in fresh litter to maintain freshness
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