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Perry (7/22/13)

Pet of the Week
Pet of the Week photo Breed:Husky
OwnerWendy Schmoll
This dashing fellow’s name is Perry. My son and I are fostering/hospicing Perry. Perry is a 14 year old Husky with inoperable tumors.

One day, I was viewing the animals at our favorite animal rescue, Catkins Animal Rescue, when I saw a picture of Perry. It seems Perry had been roaming around the neighborhood and concerned citizens took him to Catkins.

I read his story about all his health conditions and felt very badly for him. He had also had a not-so-nice life before being taken to the shelter. I followed Perry’s story for several weeks. I contacted the shelter and was informed that Perry wasn’t a candidate for surgery, and wasn’t expected to be around much longer. I hung up and thought about it for a while longer.

While thinking about Perry and his fate, I also thought long and hard about my son. My son is autistic. My husband passed away when he was very young. He really had no experience with a natural part of life, that being death.

Once again, I called the shelter. I offered to foster/hospice Perry and give him a good quality of life until it was his time to “cross the rainbow bridge”. We thought Perry would be with us only a very short time – 5 weeks at the most.

That was in April of 2012. Since Perry has come to live with us, his health has improved somewhat. He’s also had the privilege of meeting Santa, the Thanksgiving Turkey, and the Easter Bunny. This has all been done courtesy of my son!

He had also asked when Perry’s birthday was. Since no one was sure, we decided to celebrate the special day on the day Perry came to live with us. The day was complete with cupcakes, a road trip to the shelter to distribute treats to all the dogs and cats there, and also to a pet store when pets are allowed. Perry was allowed to pick out his own special treat. This special event was all planned by my autistic son.

So you see, not only are we helping out a rescue; we’re giving Perry a good life – as best we can anyways – until his time on this Earth is done. My son now has an understanding of life and death. I myself am so grateful for this wonderful dog and all he has given my son and I.

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