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Thomas Pet Fertility & Breeding Vitamins

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Bitch Pills is an all-in-one prenatal formula for dogs and cats aimed at supporting the female from pre-heat all the way through the process of birthing and lactation. This formula promotes fertility in dogs and cats, and it supports the femaleís systems with needed vitamins and minerals to stabilize proper conditioning and support healthy offspring.

Even though the big day isnít here yet, you need to prepare for it! Bitch Pills is an all-in-one prenatal vitamin and support formula for dogs and cats. It supports the female from pre-heat to birthing and even through nursing. This dog and cat prenatal formula supports fertility by providing necessary vitamins and minerals to the female. Bitch Pills from Thomas Labs will keep your dog or cat fully fit and ready to bring new joys into your world. But thatís not the end of it! By doubling as a postnatal lactation formula, Bitch Pills will also help your new mom provide the highest quality milk possible to her new litter of puppies or kittens. With so many benefits, itís no wonder why your first choice would be Bitch Pills from Thomas Labs.

  • An All-In-One Prenatal Formula for Dogs and Cats
  • Provides Essential Nutrients for Reproduction and Lactation
  • Supports the Female from Pre-Heat to After Birth
  • Helps Support the Needs of Developing Puppies or Kittens
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