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Pet Community Awareness

Ever come across a stray animal and felt the slightest bit of compassion? Well that’s just half of the reality for the large population of pets without owners to care for them. Many pets that are lost or left in shelters need plenty of love. We’re going to inform of you of the many ways you can help make these homeless pets feel wanted again.

Local communities and shelters frequently hold events like pet shows. You can participate in these events by volunteering to help setup booths or coordinating with local companies that are interested in donating resources.

Shelter pets are confined in small spaces for long periods of time. You can help by taking shelter dogs for walks at the park, helping them to socialize with the outside surroundings. If you have grooming experience, shelters welcome those that are willing to groom and bathe pets. Pets also need visits to veterinarian; you can help by transporting them to and from the shelter.

Pets that require special medical attention are in need of constant attention. You can help these pets by bringing them into your home and taking care of them. Given the conditions of pet shelters, placing a pet in a home.

The best way to help a pet is to give them the greatest gift of all, a home. Often times, shelters are forced to euthanize pets in order to make space for incoming pets. Not only are you saving a pet’s life, you’re giving a pet a new lease on life. Why pay for a pet from an expensive breeder when you can help the good cause of animal shelters.

Now that you know about a few ways you can help pets in your local community, we’re ready to help as well. When you purchase any of the Iron Dog Brand Joint Supplements, EntirelyPets.com will donate 50% of all sales to help the Search Dog Foundation. EntirelyPets.com is also donating 10% of sales of the Otis & Claude Black Bettie to the Search Dog Foundation.

Offering help to the pet community is definitely rewarding when you get to see the wonderful smile on each and every pet you’ve helped. We know just how rewarding it can be as we continue to do our part with the EntirelyPets.com Gives Back - Charity Partner Program.


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