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Petmate Crock Nesting with Microban Large - Assorted
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Petmate Crock Nesting with Microban Large - Assorted

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Small pets in cages and large animals can both use a good, durable bowl. Unfortunately, thanks to claws and rough use, wood or cheap plastic bowls quickly become scratched, which in turn makes them vulnerable to building up bacteria and residue. Both can make a bowl smell bad. However, with the Petmate Crock Nesting Set trated with Microban, a pet owner can make sure a nesting bowl or feeding bowl doesn't have to be a source of problems anymore.

The Petmate Crock Set is specifically manufactured with an anti-bacterial layer. As a result, bacteria can't grow, creating stains and smells within the bowl material. Instead, the food material or anything else wash off easily. The Crock Sets are also eco-friendly, incorporating 25 percent recycled plastic. They are also designed to be very thick, which makes it very hard for an animal to chew into the crocks. As a result, they make a great bed for small rodent pets in a cage, a durable nesting crock for a bird, and a strong food or water bowl for a larger animal.

Other benefits of the Petmate Crock Set include:

• Manufacturing in multiple colors, so food or use can be color-coded for easy recognition. • Produced in five different sizes to meet different animal needs. • Dishwasher safe so the bowls can be cleaned quickly along with other dishes.

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