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Pet Stress 101

Stress and anxiety causes in dogs:
  • Fear of loud noises like thunderstorms or fireworks
  • Travel anxiety
  • Separation related issues
  • New puppy transitions
  • Unfamiliar surroundings or a new environment
  • Boarding and Grooming
  • Veterinary visits
  • Symptoms of stress in dogs:

    Dogs cope with average amount of stress on a daily basis, but the above causes can sometimes take a toll on their immune systems sometimes causing them to get sick. Here are a few symptoms to observe when your dog is stressed or anxious.

    Tired and/or stiff body
    Skin Twitching or quivering of body
    Tail wagging differently
    Change in pace
    Chews on self
    Sniffing and Digging
    Sweaty Paws
    Heart rate quickens
    Stress and anxiety causes in cats:
  • Travel anxiety
  • Loud noises
  • Multi-cat household tension
  • Change in environment
  • New baby or visitors in the house
  • Fear
  • Moving to a new house
  • Confinement
  • Symptoms of stress in cats:

    Different cats respond to stress in different ways. Cats are intelligent and sensitive beings and just a small change in the routine can upset them and cause them to behave differently.

    Pacing back and forth
    Loss of appetite
    Excessive meowing
    Remedies for Stress and anxiety relief in dogs and cats:

    There are several products that are in the market that can provide comfort and reassurance to your pet in stressful situations. However, you should take your pet to visit a vet if the conditions are severe or chronic. Sometimes changing a pet's environment is enough to reduce stress, but in most cases these products will provide significant change in their behavior for the better:

    Dog Appeasing Pheromone
    TranQuil Tabs for Dogs
    (60 Tablets)
    Premier Gentle Leader
    Calming Cap
    Bach Rescue Remedy - Natural Stress Reliever (20 mL) Feliway Electric Diffuser
    (48 mL)
    HomeoPet Travel Anxiety
    (15 mL)
    NaturVet Quiet Moments Gel
    for Dogs (3 oz)
    Sticky Paws Furniture Strips Composure Liquid for Dogs and Cat (188 SERVINGS)
    NEW! Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution Stress Away for Dogs & Cats (65 Soft Chews) EcoPure Lavender Aromatherapy Shampoo (8 oz)
    Pet Stress 101
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