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Playtime is a crucial part of maintaining your pet's health and quality of life. Play reinforces social roles and hierarchies, exercises the brain and the body and burns off your pet's excess energy that may have otherwise been directed in more nefarious directions.

Playing with your dog is especially important, starting right off with puppies. As social animals, dogs are naturally drawn to their pack leader - you - and are often eager to engage in play or mock fighting to seek your approval and affection. For puppies especially, toys serve an additional important role in overall development. Toys that conceal treats help build the brain, and thick rubber toys help with teething and promote good chewing behavior.

Adult dogs also enjoy all of the above, as well! Dental bones are fun to chew while acting like a toothbrush; some of them even freshen dogs' breath. Other durable chew toys help exercise the jaw and satisfy your pooch's instinct to gnaw on bones and sticks, while plushes and stuffing-free toys satisfy the instinct to rip and shred. Interactive toys like tricky treat stations and motorized wobbly balls can keep your pets occupied all to themselves while you take some time to remember what your lap looks like without a fuzzy head and floppy paws stretched across it.

One of the best parts about dogs is their penchant for play. EntirelyPets' wide selection of balls and other fetch toys make it easy for you to exercise your dog on a daily basis. Toys in different shapes, sizes and textures make flight trajectories unpredictable, while classic fall, discs and fetch sticks never get old. Rope and tug toys, too, are an endless source of amusement for your dog. Like their ancestor the wolf, dogs love to tear, tug and play with pack members. Be careful to gauge your dog's strength and weakness limits. If your dog is quite strong, you may run the risk of injuring yourself if you fight him too hard. (Maybe once, he'll let you win!) On the other hand, if you are stronger than your pet, be cautious that you don't tear out a tooth or cause your pup to strain a muscle. Keep it fun!

Remember to consult your veterinarian with any questions relating to your pet's health or for toy recommendations.

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