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Celebrate Pet Week 2009

Shop EntirelyPets National Pet Week Specials
Man's best friend might be better named as Humanity's best friend. National Pet Week (May 4th to 10th) is upon us and we at EntirelyPets take the time to celebrate the importance of how dogs, cats, or all pets make a difference in our lives. Make the best of National Pet Week by getting your pet or a pet you know something special. Here are a few helpful suggestions from your friends at EntirelyPets.
Parasite-Free Pets
Bring out the best in your pet by protecting them from the annoyances of fleas, ticks and heartworms. Knock out fleas and ticks with Frontline Plus, the best topical protection you can give them. Heartworms are not only a pain for your pet, they can be deadly if left untreated. Keep your mind at ease with Heartgard Plus, the 100% effective heartworm medication for dogs and cats.
Money Saving Gift Packs
Pets like gifts as much as humans. Do yourself a favor and grab a bunch of these gift packs that combine the benefits of low cost and high value. The Beauty and Grooming Gift Set for Dogs & Cats by PHS has everything you need to keep your pet's skin and coat looking beautiful and brimming. The Green Dog Gift Pack for Medium to Large Dogs contains a variety of dog treats and a cleaner that benefits you and your pet.
It's Playtime
It wouldn't be a celebration if toys weren't included. Kick things off with some of the newest toys we currently offer. The New Jed Ball is the toy with a modern twist! The center core allows for packing snacks and with its stylish shape and cool colors, you and your dog will have endless hours of fetching fun. The Bergan Turbo Track will keep your cat's mind sharp with its unique ability to be configured in any way you want.
Fun on the Road
Taking your pet for some partying elsewhere just got easier with the newest selection of carriers and travel accessories in stock. The Meowme Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed alleviates the stress associated with traveling and being confined in small spaces. Driving with your pet is no longer a headache with Solvit’s line of ramps, stairs, strollers, bicycle trailers and much more.
Looking Great
Looking and feeling great is what it's all about when your pet struts down with you wherever you go. Vita-Soothe Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo naturally restores moisture to your pet's skin, also providing relief from itchy, scaling and sensitive skin. Pet Flys Ready 2 Ride Pet Apparel lets your pet travel in style while maintaining easy-breathing for your pet's skin and coat.
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