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PetzLife TickZ

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Are you or your pets allergic to chemicals? Do you simply feel wrong about exposing your fur baby to toxins? This doesnít mean you canít take steps to prevent ticks and other biting insects from feasting on your animal companion! PetzLife provides uniquely formulated herbal defenses to protect you and your pet from itching bug bites using natural ingredients.

PetzLife Herbal Defense is a safe alternative to spot-on medications and chemical insecticides commercially sold to treat flea and tick infestations. These formulations are formulated by a team of doctors to utilize natural insect repellants such as thyme and tansy to keep biting bugs away from your precious pet. The gentle insect repellents are perfectly safe for both cats and dogs of all ages and breeds! PetzLife Herbal Defense contains absolutely no chemicals, parabens, sulfates or DEA to ensure a safe and natural way for you to keep your furry friend protected from pests.

Tansy is a flower that has been historically cultivated for repelling insects such as ticks, mosquitoes, flies and more! During the colonial period, meat would be rubbed in tansy leaves to repel insects. This flower can also be planted along with crops like potatoes, cucumbers, squash and many more to naturally control pests. It has been proven in a study that when planted alongside potatoes, tansy greatly reduced the beetle population to preserve the crop! Itís important to keep biting insects repelled since they are notorious for transmitting nasty diseases such as Lyme disease carried by ticks.

Stop worrying about applying chemical substances on your precious pet. PetzLife Herbal Defense uses as few ingredients as possible; these ingredients are recognizable and natural including grape root, thyme, quassia bark and more. With this, you can be assured that what youíre applying to your buddy is 100% safe. Get this herbal product today to keep your pet protected from ticks and other biting insects!

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