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Piddle Place Pet Relief
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Piddle Place Pet Relief

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The Piddle Place Pet Relief System ensures you never have to worry about leaving your dog indoors again by providing your pup with an indoor potty. This innovative solution offers a safe space for your dog to relieve herself indoors with a surface that is easy to clean and that prevents odors and messes.

The Piddle Place Pet Relief System funnels urine beneath its artificial grass into a solid storage container that can't be breached by your pet. This container can then be easily drained into a toilet or a waste container of your choosing. This product is ideal for training, travel, or for homes without a yard. Don't put up with the messes any longer- order this innovative system for your pup today!

Key Features:
  • Provides indoor potty place that pets enjoy using
  • Easy to clean surface prevents odors and messes
  • Ideal for travel, training, or apartments or condos
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