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Pioneer Pet SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

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The Ultimate Scratching Post by Pioneer Pet is a durable, full stretch post with features worthy of the title "ultimate".

This scratching post towers at 32" tall, allowing your cat to fully stretch and tone their muscles. The solid and wide 16" by 16" base will prevent the post from tipping or wobbling while in use. Cats can't resist engaging the fibrous and durable woven sisal. All materials used are of the finest quality and the exceptional construction ensures this post will last for years.

  • 32" tall post
  • 16" by 16" base enhances stability
  • Fibrous and durable woven sisal entices cats

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    This item has been discontinued. Looking for an alternative? Try other Cat Scratchers!

  • Customer Reviews

    Review Summary
    16 Reviews
    63% (10)
    19% (3)
    6% (1)
    6% (1)
    6% (1)
    81% Recommend this product (13 of 16 responses)
    By farmfashionista
    Our Cats' Favorite
    July 27, 2016
    We just purchased our second of these posts. After 10 years of heavy use by two cats, the first one was falling apart. People are always surprised that our cats have all of their claws because our furniture still looks perfect. My advice is to position it next to the furniture that your cats want to scratch most.
    By chary
    scratching post
    March 16, 2016
    I wrote before that although it was well made, my cat Mosi didn't want to use it. I've since moved it to a location that he obviously approves of and he's using it regularly.
    By chary
    still under review
    March 7, 2016
    my cat really enjoyed a scratching post until it was so ragged we threw it out. He's not sure about this one yet. I'm still waiting for him to decide. It is well made and went together easily. Wish I know what he was thinking.
    By none
    Review for Pioneer Pet SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post
    November 27, 2015
    My cats have no interest in this post. I sprayed with catnip spray but they really aren't interwsted
    By mml
    new york city
    Great with big Maine Coons
    September 1, 2015
    Just their size and stable when attacked
    By KittyCat
    Bad Quality Control - BUYER BEWARE!
    March 9, 2015
    Don't buy this product unless you are willing to take the time and effort to ship this product back to get your money back! Wait until you spend too many $$$ to buy with this product only to find out that their quality control is so bad that the screw holes on the base and the pot don't line up so your can't even put the product together!
    By mad_coder
    tall enough
    January 16, 2015
    preferred over shorter posts by our 3 bengals. Somewhat poor construction. One screw did not have slots for tightening.
    By 4purzlady
    Oracle, AZ
    Great Exerciser
    April 28, 2014
    Was not sure the cats would use this product, but wanted to give it a try. They all like it, but I noticed they used it just as much when it was in a horizontal position before I added the base. Really gives them a good stretch.
    By Kikikobe
    Huntington Beach, CA
    Very impressive!
    March 3, 2014
    I volunteer at an animal shelter and one of the long time ladies there mentioned how wonderful this type of scratching post was. Even though it may be a little more expensive, it lasts forever she said. So, since I am tired of replacing raggedy scratching posts made of 'straw rope' I decided to try one. I have 5 cats and 1 of them would never use the post only my furniture for scratching. Now she and the other 4 all use this post. They love it. Especially the height, they love to stretch out on it.
    By CatDogMom
    very good quality worth the price
    January 31, 2014
    These are very well made and the thickness is nice as some of our cats climb it and then sit on top. Twice I had bought one of these SmartCat scratching posts at a local shelter and each time it survived our four cats for years. Recently we had decided to take off the old sisal mat and put on new ourselves. That taught us how well made these are and how well-anchored the sisal mat is into the post. It was a huge pain in the *** to do ourselves so we decided we would buy another new. This site had a crazy sale they emailed me once and so I jumped at the chance to buy this post. It once again is a real champ, a very high quality product. BTW sometimes I rub catnip into it to re-spark interest, or I pet my cat when they scratch it.
    By JeanM
    Our Cat Won't Touch This
    November 14, 2013
    Our cat shredded her previous scratching posts, and has never met furniture that she doesn't like to destroy, but she will not touch this scratching post. She sniffed it when it first arrived, but that's about it. I took her feet and rubbed them on the post to show her what to do with it, but no interest. Maybe I'll rub it with some catnip! It's a shame because it seems like a nice product, but was a waste of money for us.
    By 7mascotas
    Los Angeles, CA
    great purchase!
    October 8, 2013
    My cats love this - they scratch the post instead of my furniture. The sisal is wonderful. I think it is one of the best looking posts, too.
    By Sax
    Little Rock, AR
    Best cat scrathing post ever
    July 25, 2013
    This is a replacement of a similar product. Because it is a tall (32") post, it gives our cats the opportunity to really stretch and scratch. It's almost comparable to their being outside and using a tree. All the others we've tried are entirely too short. They also love the sisal rope wrapping. We are just delighted with this scratcher and will replace when necessary with the same style. Thanks for having this available.
    By stevo
    long island new york
    best scratching post
    July 9, 2013
    I have a large ragdoll cat who loves this scratching post. It is heavy enough so he con't tip it over.
    By Skipper's M.
    Northeast Georgia Mountains
    Extra Tall Scratching Post
    May 6, 2013
    This is a good scratching post for larger cats as many posts are too short. So far I am having difficulty getting my three year old male cat to switch to using this post instead of couch and chair arms. He is so big he starts scratching on top of the arms and works his way down. I think a different covering on the post and maybe a horizontal instead of vertical wrap would make it more appealing. If I had bought this a few years ago he might have been more inclined to use it.
    By AuntDi'sCats
    Fairfield, PA
    Sturdy and Strong!
    January 25, 2013
    Bought this to replace one I've had for many years that was finally on its last leg. This is very well-made, sturdy and strong and looks like it will hold up well in my multi-cat household (currently four). Stopped the declawing practice years ago and needed something to save the furniture legs and banisters. Didn't even need catnip - had an interested cat right out of the box, before I even got the base on!

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