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Planet Dog Treat Spot Toys

Planet Dog Mazee is both a toy and a puzzle that will challenge your dog's spatial awareness with its innovative design. This toy features a transparent exterior that reveals the labyrinth that composes the interior of the ball. The maze inside the ball can be filled with delicious dog treats that your clever canine must then carefully turn the ball to retrieve; it can also be filled with kibble to be used as a food dispenser that regulates the speed at which your dog eats.

Planet Dog Mazee toys are refillable and easy to clean, requiring only a simple rinse with hot water. This toy is non-toxic to ensure that it is safe for your dog and measures a whopping 5 inches in diameter to fit in multiple treats and entertain even the largest dogs. Stimulate your dog with an intellectual play experience by ordering this toy today!

Key Features:
  • Maze in ball tests dog's spatial intelligence
  • Refillable with treats to serve as reward and fill the maze
  • 5" in diameter
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