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ZenPet ProCone Soft Recovery Collar - Medium

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The ZenPet ProCone Soft Recovery Collar prevents your dog from self-injury by shielding his scars and injuries in the same manner as conventional plastic e-collars. This fabric cone can be attached to your pet's regular collar to create a barrier that prevents him from reaching tender areas that need protection.

The ZenPet ProCone Soft Recovery Collar is adjustable to provide a secure and custom fit and is machine washable for easy maintenance. This collar is a Medium size, but it is also available in four additional sizes to fit dogs of all varieties. Protect your pup to facilitate a smooth recovery from skin conditions and surgical procedures with this soft recovery collar and order today!

Key Features:
  • Adjustable collar to provide secure and custom fit
  • Fabric features reinforced seams and is machine washable
  • Available in 5 sizes for dogs of all sizes
  • Useful Information

    A Perfect Fit
    Collar SizeNeck Size
    Small (S)8 - 12 inches (20.3 - 30.5 cm)
    Medium (M)12 - 15 inches (30.5 - 38.1 cm)
    Large (L)15 - 18 inches (38.1 - 45.7 cm)
    Xlarge (XL)18 - 23 inches (45.7 - 58.4 cm)

    *ProCone must extend beyond pet's nose
    *In-between sizes... always size up!

    Washing Instructions: Machine wash (gentle cycle). Air dry.

    1. Open ProCone so it lies flat. Thread your pet's collar through the elastic loops of ProCone.
      *Very Important! For the ProCone to work you must thread your pet's collar through the loops of the ProCone
    2. Using the velcro strips as a guide, fasten the ProCone around your pet.
    3. Once you have adjusted the ProCone to the desired fit, secure your pet's collar. Be sure to keep only a two-finger gap between your pet's neck and the collar.
    4. Use the extra strip of velcro to cover any exposed strips to prevent hair or fabrics from sticking to the collar.
    5. ProCone can be folded back for eating and drinking. Locate the velcro spots on the outside of the collar, opposite the ProCone logo. Fold the collar back so the two velcro spots meet. Do not leave ProCone folded back when your pet is unsupervised.

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