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Program Flea Control for Dogs

Flea killer

and control is a necessity for puppies and dogs, especially when they reach the age to run around outside and mix with other dogs at the local dog park. While the outdoors are great for canines and give them plenty of exercise and fresh air, exposure also comes with various risks and pests that can make a dog very sick and irritable.

Fleas are commonly found in just about every location of the country, so quality flea control on a dog is a must. With

Program for Dogs Flea Control

, a dog owner can break the cycle of infestation and new egg-laying in a dog’s fur by stopping flea larvae from developing. The medicine has its greatest effect at the egg development stage, so if adult fleas get on board a dog, they won’t be able to establish an infestation in the canine’s fur.

Program Flea Control

is provided to a dog as a flavor tablet that is ingested. Over a few weeks’ time the medicine becomes systemic within the dog, rejecting the establishment of any flea eggs on the dog. Served to a canine monthly, the tablet can be easily mixed with dog food so the animal has no idea what it is outside of good-tasting food. Packaged in 6-month sets, Program Flea Control can easily take care of a dog for a half year before another dosage needs to be bought.

Dosage can be bought for a full-year treatment if desired and Program Flea Control is also available for cats as well. Customers should make sure to match up the right Program dosage with the weight of their dog to apply the right amount of medicine as needed.
Program for Dogs - Flea Control
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